Abode Services offers a professional, diverse, hard-working, and positive organizational culture that reflects our mission of helping vulnerable populations within our communities. If you are looking to grow as part of an organization that is making an impact, join our team of talented staff!


Career Opportunities

To Apply: If you are interested in any of Abode's openings, please email your resume and cover letter to hr@abodeservices.orgPlease note the Job Title and Requisition number in the subject line of your email. Click here to learn more about our competitive benefits!  

Senior Leadership

Director of Evaluation and Training, Job# SLDET11717 - Location: Fremont, CA 

Director of Housing Programs, Job#SLDHP11717 - Location: Hayward, CA 


Staff Accountant, Job# FSA102517 - Location: Fremont, CA

Mental Health Programs

Coordinated Entry Assessor, Job# HWCEA0917 - Location: Fremont, Livermore *MULTIPLE POSITONS*

Employment Specialist, Job# HWES102017 - Location: Alameda County

Harm Reduction Specialist for Project Welcome Home, Job# HWPWH101717 - Location: San Jose

Housing Navigator, Job# HW07311703 - Location: Hayward, Fremont, Livermore *MULTIPLE POSITIONS*

Housing Tenancy Program Manager, Job# HWCETPM0917 - Location: Hayward, Oakland *MULTIPLE POSITIONS*

Housing Tenancy Service Coordinator, Job# HWCESC0917 - *MULTIPLE POSITIONS and LOCATIONS*

Intake Coordinator for Project Independence, Job# HWAC0922171 - Location: Hayward, CA

Mental Health Clinician for Project Welcome Home, Job# HWSCC07311701 - Location: San Jose, CA

Mental Health Clinician for Greater Hope, Job# HWAC07311707 - Location: Alameda County *MULTIPLE POSITIONS*

Mental Health Clinician for Opportunity Center, Job# HWOC11317 - Location: Palo Alto, CA 

Mental Health Clinician for Veterans Independent Program, Job# HWSCC07311701 - Location: San Jose, CA 

Program Manager, Greater HOPE, Job# HWAC07311701 - Location: Hayward, CA

Peer Specialist, Job #06071701- Location: Alameda County *MULTIPLE POSITIONS*

Service Coordinator, Job# HWSCC07311702 - Location: San Jose, CA

Youth Service Coordinator for Project Independence, Job# HWAC0922172 - Location Hayward, CA

Napa County Programs

Housing Navigator, Job#NCHN102517 - Location: Napa County

Housing Service Coordinator, Job# NC102517 - Location: Napa, CA

Housing Specialist, Job#NCHS102717 - Location: Napa County

Mental Health Outreach Social Worker, Job# NC05041704 - Location: Napa, CA **MULTIPLE POSITIONS*

Outreach Coordinator, Job# NOC082417 - Location: Napa, CA 

Peer Outreach Worker, Job# NC05041705 - Location: Napa, CA *MULTIPLE POSITIONS*

Housing Programs

CalWORKS Housing Specialist, Job# SCCCWHS101317 - Location: Santa Clara County

Enrollment and Data Specialist, Job# SCCMRED081617 - Location: San Jose, CA

Housing Compliance Specialist, Job# SCCM0816172 - Location: Milpitas, CA *MULTIPLE POSITIONS*

Housing Services Coordinator, Job# SCC06131701 - Location: San Jose, CA 

Housing Specialist (Santa Clara County), Job# SCC06091702 - Location: Milpitas, CA

Housing Specialist (San Mateo County), Job# SMCHS11717 - Location: San Mateo, CA 

Housing Specialist (Santa Clara County), Job# SCC06091702 - Location: San Jose, CA

Social Services 

Resident Services Manager, Job# SSM091217 - Location: Fremont, CA

Relief Shelter Monitor, Job#SSRSM112017 - Location: Fremont, CA *MULTIPLE POSITIONS*

Properties and Maintenance

Maintenance Technician, Job#: PA06211701 - Location: SF Bay Area

Night Manager, Job# PA07141701 - Location, San Jose, CA