The Power of Volunteerism: Housing Industry Foundation Helps Abode Renovate Homes

June 27th, 2014

In just 29 days, four apartments at one of our properties in San Jose received home makeovers thanks to the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) and dozens of volunteers and tradespeople.

Denise took one look at the new tub installed in the bathroom of her apartment and smiled from ear to ear.

Happy enough just to have an apartment that gives her the ability to provide a safe place for her teen-aged daughter and three-year-old son, Denise never imagined she would be the recipient of a home makeover worthy of a television reality show.

But in just 29 days, Denise, and three other families living at one of our properties in San Jose, received just that, thanks to the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) and dozens of volunteers and tradespeople. In under a month, the foundation led a renovation project that transformed the apartments, and lives, of four families.

“It feels like a new place,” Denise said. “New carpets, new kitchen. It’s a lot better now, there’s even a new hallway!”

The renovations were made possible because of the generosity of HIF staff members, its board of directors and dozens of volunteers.

Building tradespeople agreed to work at cost to complete the more difficult renovations. Home supply companies donated some appliances for free or sold others for discounted rates. And more than two dozen volunteers from, an online leasing technology company, spent a day helping to paint all the walls in four apartments.

When finished, the work resulted in complete makeovers of bathrooms and kitchens,  all walls received a new coat of paint, and new flooring was installed throughout the four-unit apartment building.

The total market value of all the renovations: $85,000.

Denise said she feels good knowing people cared enough to volunteer their time to fix up her apartment. But, she has special appreciation for one item in the apartment.

“I love the new tub,” she said.

You can visit the Housing Industry Foundation's website to find more information.




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