Abode Services Partners With HandUp to End Homelessness

April 14th, 2015

Community members seeking to support neighbors in need have a new way to help as Abode Services and HandUp launch an online partnership that allows supporters to make an immediate difference in somebody’s life.

The partnership empowers Abode Services’ participants to advocate for themselves and raise funds towards specific goals. Supporters can make donations through HandUp, a crowdfunding platform for people living without a home or who were previously homeless. Participants receive 100 percent of the donations made through HandUp, and use those contributions to fund basic needs like food, clothing, and housing, gain key educational and job training lessons, or fund any other needs necessary for them to remain housed.

Donors can choose which participant to fund after hearing directly from the participant through online profiles. In their profiles, individuals tell their stories and explain why they are seeking funding.

Supporters can help someone like Phillip, a cancer survivor who is seeking to raise money to pay for a phlebotomy class so he can help others with medical conditions. They can also help Christopher who is seeking donations for a bed so he no longer has to sleep on the floor. There are currently half a dozen participants seeking donations, and Abode Services will add more as HandUp regularly updates the site allowing our community to continue supporting people in need.

“This powerful HandUp donation platform will allow our supporters to hear directly from the people they are helping, and will allow supporters to witness the impact their donations are having on the lives of real people right here in our community,” said Abode Services Executive Director Louis Chicoine.

“We built HandUp as a new way to make a difference for homeless people and neighbors in need, and that’s the impact we’re seeing with our community partners like Abode Services,” said HandUp Co-founder and CEO Rose Broome. “Not only are community partners uncovering new donor audiences, they are able to expand the resources they can provide to their clients. We are so thrilled to help launch HandUp in Alameda and Santa Clara counties, and be part of your efforts to end homelessness.” 

Visit www.handup.org to learn more about how you can give a local neighbor a HandUp.

To learn how HandUp works with nonprofits, visit: https://handup.org/howitworks.

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