New Study Illustrates the Importance of Re-Housing Individuals and Families

May 27th, 2015

It costs more than $520 million each year to provide services to the individuals and families in Santa Clara County who do not have a home, a new study commissioned by our partners found. The report, published jointly by Santa Clara County and Destination:Home, found the county would realize considerable savings if it worked aggressively to re-house individuals and families.

We’re happy to report that solutions are available and that Abode Services is one of the leading agencies in Santa Clara County helping to re-house individuals and families.

The solutions Abode Services and our partners are already practicing are helping individuals and families return to homes, and are reducing the costs associated with homelessness.

To learn more, read the groundbreaking study here.

To see how we are working to end homelessness in Santa Clara County read about the innovative Pay for Success program and our work re-housing families.

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