Abode Services Celebrates Casa de Novo's One-Year Anniversary in San Jose

May 2nd, 2017

Abode Services recently celebrated its one-year anniversary at Casa de Novo, where it has provided housing to people in need, including some victims from the recent flood that engulfed downtown San Jose and displaced thousands of residents.

The 56-unit former hotel, formerly known as Santa Clara Inn, is at 2188 The Alameda in San Jose. The anniversary party was held on April 25 at the site that has been renamed Casa de Novo to convey its transformation into a place where people have a new home and a fresh start. 

Abode Services provides long-term and temporary housing at Casa de Novo for individuals who are homeless. Abode partnered on the program with the City of San Jose, County of Santa Clara, and the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara. The site conversion has been part of a countywide effort to provide a safe and stable home to the thousands of South Bay residents who need one.

"We’re proud to have partnered with leaders from San Jose and Santa Clara County, who should be commended for working so hard to address the region’s housing crisis and end homelessness for some of the South Bay’s most vulnerable people," Abode Services Executive Director Louis Chicoine said. "We’re also glad to have been able to provide short-term shelter for victims of the terrible flood two months ago that threatened so many San Jose residents." 

Twenty-seven rooms at Casa de Novo have been set aside for long-term supportive housing for persons experiencing homelessness. The site’s other 29 rooms have continued to operate as a hotel and are available for daily rentals, focusing on providing temporary supportive housing for patrons referred from the City of San Jose, the County of Santa Clara, agencies that serve homeless veterans, and nonprofit groups that assist individuals and families who are homeless.

Abode Services handles the site’s daily property management and operations, security, repairs, and maintenance. Abode also provides housing location services, case management, and other social services to Casa de Novo’s long-term and short-term residents.

One Casa de Novo resident is John Arrington, a formerly homeless person whose life stabilized and improved after being re-housed last year. He credits his turnaround to Abode’s Housing First approach – which finds that once one has safe and stable housing, the services that follow are much more effective in transforming someone's life.

"Having a roof over my head gives me the base, the stability I never had before, and now I can focus on my recovery," said Arrington, 66.

He also focuses on helping others, founding new Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at two San Jose churches and giving his adult granddaughter shelter when she did not have a home. Arrington said he could not have made these strides without Casa de Novo.

“I took from society for many years, so now I want to give back in any way I can,” he said. “That gives me a good feeling that I really can’t explain.” 





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