Finding a Solution for Homelessness

November 6th, 2018

We shouldn't be surprised that Margaret Lewis has worked so well with Abode Services on its mission to find a solution for homelessness. The clues were always right there in the name of her organization: Into the Solution, Inc.

Into the Solution — for which Lewis serves as executive director — is an East Bay nonprofit group and property owner that rehouses those in need of a home. That work has gained it membership in Abode Services' honorary Circle of Community Elevators, a recognition society of more than 40 rental housing providers who partner with Abode to house at least five households in Abode programs. Into the Solution earned the additional title of "City Highriser" for its notably high level of engagement, working with more than 10 Abode program households.

"I’m proud to work with [Abode] in the spirit of mutual cooperation, respect, and participation," Lewis said.

Providing services where they once were lacking is simply what Lewis does. After losing a sister to addiction, she established Into the Solution (originally known as "Deb’s Place") to create supportive living environments for at-risk individuals.

Her partnership with Abode began in 2013, when an Abode participant called Lewis and asked to rent one of her rooms. That call planted the seed for a years-long partnership with Abode, during which Into the Solution expanded from housing one household to more than 10 in Alameda County.

"It’s been a really good experience working with the staff at Abode," Lewis said. "I can call when I have a problem; there’s just a team of people no matter what. It helps me and the clients that are here."

Like Abode, Lewis sees the power of practicing Housing First, an evidence-based approach that prioritizes permanent housing — not "housing readiness" — as the first step and foundation for effectively ending cycles of homelessness.

Alameda County, home to roughly 5,600 individuals experiencing homelessness, is certainly in need of housing providers who back effective approaches in serving our most vulnerable neighbors.

Abode is proud to have an honorary circle that recognizes upstanding community partners like Into the Solution.

"I see my role as a change agent; my mission is to help," Lewis said. "To be acknowledged for the work that folks could do ... that kinda makes you say, 'Okay, let me a do a little more.'"

Thank you, Into the Solution, for your role in ending cycles of homelessness in the Bay Area.

If you or someone you know has a vacancy, please contact Abode Services at 800.811.0393 or

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