Frank Li: Doing His Part to Help the Community

February 8th, 2019

Abode Services is proud to recognize Frank Li, an Oakland housing provider who has earned top-tier "Skyscraper" status, which Abode awards to rental housing providers who engage with us and our programs at an exceptionally high level.

"Skyscraper" membership is part of our Circle of Community Elevators program, which provides high achievers like Li with gifts and other rewards.

Li was born overseas and immigrated to the Bay Area in the 1990s. He then started his real estate business and later purchased a multi-unit Oakland building that had already housed some Abode clients. Li saw firsthand that a partnership with us would benefit both him and our goal of ending homelessness.

"I enjoy working with Abode staff and clients," he said. "I feel great about doing my part to help and to improve everyone's standard of living."

Li's social conscience has fueled his efforts to successfully rehouse people in need, leading him to compile a high number of leases with us.

"I saw homeless people years ago when I was growing up in another country," Li said. "I vowed then and there to do put a stop to it, to help put a roof over everyone’s head."

Abode currently works with hundreds of rental housing providers to find permanent homes for unhoused residents in the Bay Area, one of the nation's most expensive rental markets. With committed partners like Li, Abode is able to serve many more people who need a home during the region's housing crisis.

"A big part of Abode's work cannot be done without local housing providers like Frank Li," said Audrey Kwon, Abode's community landlord liaison. "He's an excellent landlord with whom we are proud to partner, helping us to continue rehousing those in need."

To learn more about the Circle of Community Elevators program or how to partner with Abode Services, contact us at 800-811-0393 or

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