A Family's Tribute

November 24th, 2019

For Anthony De Maio and his family, helping homeless people find housing has become a passion. De Maio enjoys helping those in need, in general. However, those efforts have taken on even greater meaning for De Maio in recent years.

That's because those good deeds have helped to ease his grief for his brother Vincent, who died from prescription drug addiction years before it became a national epidemic.  

"Vincent is the driving force behind all of this work," he said. "This is part of his legacy — us giving people the second chances he never got. This has been the greatest and most therapeutic thing for my family."

As part of De Maio's efforts to successfully rehouse formerly homeless people, he has compiled a hight number of leases with Abode Services programs.

"A huge portion of Abode's work cannot be done without local housing providers, people who are willing to work together to house our neighbors," said Louis Chicoine, Abode's chief executive officer. 

Since 2013, Abode has worked with nearly 2,000 rental housing providers to find permanent housing for unhoused residents in the Bay Area, one of the nation's most expensive rental markets. With committed partners like De Maio, Abode is able to serve many more people and work toward ending its goal of ending homelessness. 

"Some of our best tenants have been Abode participants, and it's been amazing to see the sense of community they have for not just us, but for each other in the neighborhood," De Maio said. 

De Maio, who runs A. De Maio Properties in Santa Clara County, said his work with Abode is a wonderful way to pay tribute to his brother.

"This is about so much more than real estate," De Maio said. "This success story has been a true blessing for my family and it's a win-win situation for everybody. We're helping the community, and we're being helped by the community."

Housing providers who are interested in partnering with Abode Services can contact us at landlords@abodeservices.org.

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