Face of Abode Services: Leader of Our Mission

November 25th, 2019

Reporter Wayne Freedman recently produced a great TV news story that highlighted the many achievements of Louis Chicoine, the longtime chief executive officer of Abode Services. 

Freedman, an award-winning journalist at ABC7 News, featured Chicoine in a segment called "Faces of Fremont." It was part of the station's Building a Better Bay Area series.

The story also featured Tina and Billy Joe, Abode participants who now live at Laguna Commons, a Fremont housing site that Abode co-developed.

"The only reason that we develop is that it's a need," Chicoine said in the story. "So we're based on a mission. Our mission is to really end homelessness for people"

Laguna Commons is a supportive housing site that shows how Abode fulfills its mission, and that the combination of housing and services is the best way to reach that goal of ending homelessness.

"The test of a good community is how well it takes care of those who have the least," Chicoine said. 

You can find more Freedman's excellent story by clicking here.

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