Whole Foods Market Fremont

Whole Foods Market broke ground on its Fremont store in January 2013. As construction continued through the spring and summer, the store’s marketing team looked for ways to raise Whole Foods’ profile in the community and publicize their grand opening scheduled for September. 

Whole Foods reached out to Abode Services in the summer of 2013 to discuss how they might partner with us as part of their grand opening activities. Based on meetings with the Abode Services team and more information about our programs and services, Whole Foods invited Abode to apply to be one of their “Community Support Day” organizations. This program donates 1% of store proceeds on a given day to the selected nonprofit, providing a marketing opportunity for both Whole Foods and the nonprofit agency.

In addition to partnering with Whole Foods on this effort, Abode Services also invited the team to volunteer at Sunrise Village Emergency Shelter. Whole Foods team members served lunch to the adults and children in residence, getting a great opportunity to build team spirit before the store opening, and to serve people in need.

The partnership between Whole Foods and Abode Services helped the Whole Foods Fremont team with its marketing and team-building efforts in the months leading up to its grand opening. By working with Abode Services, Whole Foods was able to raise its profile as a corporation invested in the well-being of the communities where it operates.  

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