Helping Landlords Reduce Vacancies

Like any landlord, Peter Tam wants to be able to run his business smoothly, providing high-quality units to his customers, filling vacancies, and avoiding issues with tenants that take too much time and money to solve. 

Since accepting his first Abode Services-sponsored tenant a few years ago, Peter has rented more than 20 units in Oakland to Abode participants. He likes being able to provide people with a second chance; about half of his Abode tenants, he estimates, are in their 50s and 60s, and should have a safe place to live. 

Peter also appreciates the support that Abode Services provides to him and his tenants. Payments for rent and security deposits are prompt. Whenever he contacts his tenants’ Housing Specialist at Abode, he says, he gets an immediate response. If there’s a concern about a tenant, the Housing Specialist will come out to the property, and sit down with Peter and the tenant to discuss the concern in a positive, supportive environment. Peter appreciates this support, and the chance to make his units available to a diverse range of people who might not otherwise find him.

Peter says he would definitely recommend Abode Services to other landlords, and plans to accept additional tenants from Abode in the future. With Abode Services, he and other landlords have the chance to help people access stable housing, while also benefiting from the stability and reliable support that Abode Services staff provide. 

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