Timothy's Story

On Friday, October 18th, 54-year-old Timothy was handed his first set of house keys after 40 years of homelessness. 

Timothy reminisced about the day he became homeless at the age of 14, saying, "I was skipping school and got on the same bus as my mom. The look on her face when she saw me made me not come home. After that, I got caught up in street life and now here I am."

Timothy was born and raised in the East Bay, spending the last 25 years in Fremont. He is well known in the community as a kind, cheerful ray of sunshine. Despite the challenges of living on the streets, Timothy takes great pride in the job he has held for six years, where he works tirelessly every morning of the week. 

Timothy first encountered Abode Services through the HOPE Project Mobile Health Clinic. For more than a decade, he’s been meeting regularly with outreach workers to look for housing and supportive services. But it wasn’t until a spot in AC Impact, a permanent housing program, opened up that Timothy was finally afforded the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have his own home. As he was completing the housing process, Timothy admitted, “I didn't really believe it would happen, seemed way too good to be true!”

Since Timothy now lives two blocks from work, he is looking forward to sleeping in a bit more, and then returning from work to prepare a home cooked meal, read the paper and the Bible, listen to his favorite sports teams on the radio, and end the day with a long bath.

He says the only thing he will miss about being homeless is "the same crow that would wake me up every morning in time to start heading to work."

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