Premier Nissan Kia of Fremont

The New Orleans-based owners of Premier Nissan Kia of Fremont understand the importance of helping your community in a time of need. The couple, Tracy and Troy Duhon, helped their city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and decided to begin a foundation to help the communities in which their 22 auto dealerships are located

The couple’s mission is to forge long-term partnerships with nonprofits that can result in sustained impact.  They ask their employees to seek organizations making a positive change in the community, and that have the capacity to welcome different forms of assistance.

Premier Nissan Kia

Stephanie Sullivan, the community outreach coordinator for Premier Nissan Kia of Fremont, turned to the Fremont Chamber of Commerce for help in locating a nonprofit. After receiving a list of nonprofits who are members of the chamber, Stephanie began contacting various organizations to see if the dealership could help. Abode Services was one of the first to call her back and she promptly signed up to take a tour of our Sunrise Village Emergency Shelter.

“Just hearing the stories from one of the residents there, that impacted me,” Stephanie said. “Then we met with (Community Outreach Director) Jean (Morgan), and she gave us all kinds of ideas on how we could help.”

Before Stephanie and her co-workers left the parking lot of Sunrise Village Emergency Shelter, they decided to partner with Abode Services.

In less than a month, employees from the dealership were volunteering, and the dealership purchased a new refrigerator for the shelter’s kitchen. When a position opened at the dealership, managers came to the shelter and held a small job fair for participants.

“We just don’t want to throw money at organizations, we want a long-term relationship in which we can help in many ways,” Stephanie said.

The donations and volunteering is just the beginning of a partnership Stephanie hopes will continue for as long as the dealership is selling cars. Those sales help fund the dealership’s charitable efforts as $25 from every car sale, new and used, is taken from the dealership’s profit to fund the needs of nonprofits in the community.

Stephanie is currently volunteering with Abode Services children’s program and arranged for the dealership to purchase sports equipment for the program. The dealership is also planning another job fair once positions become available on the lot.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to help,” Stephanie said.

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