Working With Supporters

Community leaders are often personally moved by the plight of people in their midst who are homeless. Important institutions like foundations, faith communities, and civic associations are ready to devote volunteer labor and funding.

What community leaders say about us:

 Abode's work helping families and individuals build new futures and contribute to our community offers an excellent return on our investment and our partnership.

Hattie Hyman Hughes, President, Fremont Bank Foundation


In representing Corpus Christi Catholic Church in our work with Abode Services' housing and shelter programs, I have the good fortune of hearing the comments from donors who are grateful to be "walking the talk," and of observing the gratitude and empowerment of those who are being housed for the first time.  
Margery Leonard, Corpus Christi Catholic Church

Monterey Peninsula Foundation believes in Abode Services’ important role as a safety net provider as well as the organization’s impact as a bridge to stability and independence for homeless families and individuals. We look forward to our continuing partnership in the work to end the cycle of homelessness.

Steve John, CEO, Monterey Peninsula Foundation

But what is frequently missing in these charitable efforts is the high-level expertise to translate good will and resources into results.

Abode Services partners with local communities to move beyond the traditional stopgap approach to homelessness to actually achieving permanent housing. We work with foundations, service groups, corporations, and other local supporters to connect people with giving opportunities that are effective and life-changing - for both the donors and the people who benefit.

Our success in these partnerships has reached beyond the immediate Bay Area; in 2013, we advised the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on how to mobilize communities around Housing First.

Employees from FireEye, Inc. helped us spruce up the family community room at Sunrise Village Emergency Shelter.

How to get started

If you represent a local foundation, a faith community, school, service organization, or other group interested in the cause of ending homelessness, Abode Services is offering a complimentary one to two-hour consultation. You can also learn more about donation and volunteer opportunities here.

For more details, contact Development Officer Carol Arata at (510) 657-7409 ext. 203.