Working With Government

Abode Services partners with local governments in the Bay Area to develop and implement new solutions based on Housing First. We have deep experience in leveraging existing funding sources to achieve outcomes that have a positive and lasting effect on our regional and local communities.

What government leaders say about Abode Services:

Abode is one of the Health Care Services Agency’s most trusted and effective partners in building a more just and equitable Alameda County.   Combined with a collaborative competence and organizational humility, Abode has established itself as one of our county’s most important safety net providers.

Alex Briscoe, Director of Alameda County Health Care Services Agency


Abode is able to connect with people where they are, build trust and then provide critical services, ensuring that the most vulnerable people are being housed

Michael Harris, Livermore Police Chief


Abode has an uncanny ability to balance heart and mind – ensuring that their programs are run effectively and efficiently all while providing compassionate, often life-altering services to homeless men, women and kids from San Jose to Oakland.

Jennifer Loving, Executive Director | Destination: Home (a public-private partnership to end homelessness in Santa Clara County)

In 2014, Abode Services was recognized by the state and local governments with proclamations honoring our 25 years of service helping people in need find homes.

Examples of government funded programs implemented by Abode Services include:

  • Alameda County Linkages: Partnership of local shelters working to help families access housing and employment support.

Funders: Alameda County, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • Oakland Streets to Housing Program/OPRI: Permanent supportive housing for extremely vulnerable groups, including older adults and people exiting the criminal justice system.

Funders: City of Oakland, Oakland Housing Authority, Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, HUD

  • Project Independence: Homelessness prevention program for young adults exiting the foster care system.

Funders: Cities of Fremont, Hayward, and Livermore; California Transitional Housing Plus Program

  • Santa Clara County RAPA: Rental assistance for households in Santa Clara County with multiple barriers to stable housing.

Funders: Santa Clara County, City of Sunnyvale

Read here for more of our successes with local government.


How to get started

If you represent a local government body seeking to end homelessness in your community and you are interested in how Housing First can be applied to your situation, contact us.

We are currently offering a complimentary one- to two-hour consultation to local governments interested in rental assistance/leasing programs or supportive housing for homeless people with special needs.

During these complimentary consultations, the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Abode Services will provide insight into your situation, covering issues such as:

  • Size and scope of the program needed
  • Potential funding sources to be leveraged
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Community investment needed
  • Effective strategies for outreach to people experiencing homelessness
  • Staffing recommendations

For more details about complimentary consultations for local governments, contact Chief Operating Officer Vivian Wan at (510) 657-7409 ext. 212 or Executive Director Louis Chicoine at (510) 657-7409 ext. 206.